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Dance, learn, laugh

Dance develops physical, creative, imaginative, emotional and intellectual capacities. It also requires social skills. Dance provides opportunities for artistic and aesthetic education as well as opportunities for children to explore and express moods and ideas symbolically through movement

Passion for dancing

Our two founders share the same common passion: dancing.

Luis Gabriel Usma, from Medellín, Colombia, more than 20 years dedicating his life to be a professional dancer, instructor and entertainment director; counting on several Salsa World Champions medals, together with Henar García from Madrid, Spain, the cradle of modern Bachata, who begin dancing in 2009 formed with top latin instructors in the spanish capital, and counting on an experienced events management career in her home country and in UAE since 2018.

Wellknown as Bachata Dubai, this couple were the pionners of modern bachata classes in UAE, since 2017, building the base of the community in the country. Both are sharing the same mission: deliver the best technical formation blended with an enjoyable experience in each one of their sessions.

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